CCTV Solutions

We will  do full on-site design and implementation of your CCTV surveillance system that will meet your needs and budget, while giving you flexibility to expand as required.

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8 Channel NVR NoN PoE

16 Channel NVR NoN PoE

64 Channel NVR NoN PoE

8 Channel NVR PoE

16 Channel NVR PoE

32 Channel DVR NoN PoC

32 Channel DVR NoN PoC

4 Channel DVR PoC


8 Channel DVR PoC

16 Channel DVR PoC

Mini Network Bullet Camera

Dome Network Camera

Dome Camera with Mic

Fish Eye Camera

Cube Camera

Mini PTZ Camera

Network PTZ Camera

PT Camera

Big Network Bullet Camera


Analog Bullet Camera

Hard Disk