Human Resources
for modern companies

All-in-one: Recruitments, Appraisal, Expenses,
Leaves, Attendances, etc.

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Employees App

Manage all your employees in one place!

Either businesses or individuals, maintain a database of all your employees centrally and use them across the apps.

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Recruitment App

Hiring processes made easy. From sourcing to contract, handle your recruitment process easily.  Organize your vacancies and job applications Track job offers, customize your recruitment process and some other works are done successfully across this app.

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Time-Off App

Manage employee leaves and keep track of all your employees vacations. Approve or refuse leave request and get notified by email for every new requests. Get statistics on the leaves and plan for the upcoming to make sure you keep productivity to its highest level.


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Appraisals App

Maintain the motivational process in your company by doing periodical evaluations of your employees performance. Create your own surveys to gather important information and/or opinions from your employees.

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Referrals App

Share open job positions & refer your friends with an intuitive tool, customizing team and all your referral in one place.


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