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          CCTV Solution 

          Secure your Home and Business and get alerts on your mobile, anytime, anywhere!

          • Surveil & play-out your Cameras through smart phone 

          • Baby tracking camera solution with two way communication 

          • 30 Meter to 400 Meter Zooming Lens with Day night Technology 

          • Analogue & Digital CCTV Solution with varies type of Cameras 

          Network System  

          Get your Home or Business Connected!

          • Wired networking solutions using UK brands cables that provide up to 10Gbps

          • Speed up you Wi-Fi in to latest Wi-Fi 6 Technology  

          • Bring Grater, upstanding Wi-Fi Coverage to your Home and Business.

          • Connect your Network equipment's, Quickly and easily with Gigabit Switches

          Video Door phone System

          Address anyone at your doorstep! 
          • Supports Voice Communication between mobile app and platform 
          • Analogue, Digital Door Phone Solution that meet your needs 
          • Unlock you Door with Remote, Fingerprint and Card
          • Get Intelligent Alerts with Two Way Communication 
          • Let your visitors in, by open you door through smart phone, at any ware and any time.

          Telephony System

          Talk to your Customers and Beloved Ones!

          • Analog, Digital and IP Telephony Solutions that meet your needs.

          • Get the freedom to talk to your customers, while controlling your bills.
          • Address anyone in your home from the master phone
          • Endless Communication at your Work Places 
          • Control your Incoming & Outgoing calls with advance technology 
          • Flexible options at your fingertip

          Sound System 

          Delivering loved sound around you!

          • Analogue, Digital advanced Sound System that make you feel relaxing 
          • High-quality,  performance that most other installed speakers can’t match
          • In-ceiling type loudspeaker
          • Play your favorite one using your smart phone 
          • Various types of Amplifiers to boost sound quality