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Deliver excellent service to your customer everywhere.

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Focus on what you do best

When you are onsite, what matters is that you deliver excellent services.
Your tools need to be intuitive and as mobile as you are.
your Appointments

tasks to employees

your route
your working time
custom worksheets
your services

Manage your workdays
from anywhere, on any device.

Odoo works on any device connected to the internet and has been designed with mobile devices in mind. There is no need to install any software nor worry about device compatibility. Just open your web browser and get your work done!

Track your working time

Odoo Field service comes with an integrated one-button time-tracker.
Of course, you can also record your time manually.

Closeup of the stop and pause buttons on a 'Boiler maintenance' task  

Your timesheet is then automatically converted into invoiceable lines.

  An invoice with the number of hours spent on the task

Sell products
like hot cakes

Providing a service often implies selling products such as spare parts. With Odoo Field Service’s intuitive design, you can sell products with a single click!

   Lightning-fast invoices

The time tracker computes your working time, you can add salable products in one click, and your customers’ details are automatically filled out when you create your task. All you have to do is click on “Create Invoice”.

Odoo Field service interface - overview of a task before it's invoiced

Sign your reports

Reports are important: they regroup your working time, the products sold, and your worksheet. Ask your customer to sign them on your Field Service app. No need to print, send or scan. You do it electronically, immediately!

Efficient Planning
Multi-project management

As a manager, the Planning tool is your best ally! Assign and schedule tasks, and reorganize any assignment with a simple drag-and-drop in the Gantt view.

Create as many projects as you need to keep all the tasks tidily organized between multiple teams or locations.

Fully integrated with other Odoo Apps

Organize all tasks in multiple projects, with custom worksheet templates
Create quotations on the fly, easily add products to your task.
Keep track of all interactions with your opportunities and customers and improve your sales cycle.
Validate timesheets and analyze timesheets reports.